Real-Time Market Data

Use real-time data from CME Group’s leading markets to miss nothing and capitalize on opportunities as they unfold. Home to a number of global benchmarks, CME Group is your leading source for trusted, transparent pricing across interest rate, equity index, energy, agricultural commodity and foreign exchange markets – and now, for emerging digital assets.  

Key Benefits

  • Global price discovery - Setting credible prices beyond the markets with live pricing and a single source for multi-asset class pricing
  • Licensing packages that grow in value - Competitive, flexible licensing with commitment to added value
  • Data management services - Secure and established global infrastructure and proven data expertise
  • Comprehensive customer support - Follow-the-sun support and dedicated sales and support teams

Licensing Market Data

Find the best way for you to license CME Group market data with our simple and straightforward licensing solutions.

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Ever-Expanding Offerings

  • Current bid/ask and price quotes
  • Opening & closing ranges
  • High-Low Prices
  • Last Sale Prices
  • Settlement prices
  • Depth of Book
  • Open Outcry
  • RFQs
  • Price Limits
  • Comprehensive, definitive settlement data
  • Integrated S&P, Dow Jones newsfeeds

Integrated Invoicing & Licensing

  • Online license agreements offer convenience, streamlined activation
  • Fast and secure payment processing offers assurance
  • Payment management easier with streamlined invoicing

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