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FX data

Analyze trends and identify opportunities using leading FX futures, options and cash market data.

Precision datapoints about the world's largest financial market

Get insights on G10, Emerging Market, and cross currency pairs and the world’s largest financial market, foreign exchange. Tap into datasets for straight-forward trading activity, settlements and valuations, block trades, and unique views from third-party resources.

Futures and options data

Uncover insights on the most liquid and capital-efficient FX futures and options market - G10 and Emerging Market currencies. Meet your data demands for pricing, trade execution and analytics. Manage credit, operational or trade valuations risk.

Emerging Markets

Cash Market data

EBS Ticker

Access reliable real-time transactional Spot FX data including best rate and dealt rate sourced from EBS Market.

Premium FX Feed

Indicative, streaming prices derived from a carefully selected range of sources, including EBS, the primary source of global transactional spot FX market data.

EBS Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF)

Access real-time prices sourced from EBS, providing exceptional liquidity across an expanding range of non-deliverable forwards.

Third-party data


Access real-time on-shore CNY Foreign Exchange data from the leading Chinese Inter-dealer Broker.


Indicative FX options pricing, including at-the-money (ATM) straddles and a full volatility surface for 10 and 25 delta butterflies and risk reversals from overnight to 1-year on all currency pairs, with long-dated ATMs out to 20 years for the most liquid pairs.

QuikStrike Volatility Curves

Access end-of-day implied option volatility curves for G10 currencies including listed and constant maturity expiration curves, and realized historical volatility for all related futures products.


Explore CME Group Benchmarks, calculated from our highly liquid, regulated futures and options products, and get a transparent, reliable and robust view of the markets.

EBS FX Benchmark

Track spot rate fixing prices for core currency pairs with the EBS FX benchmarks, updated every 30 minutes and published 24 hours a day, five days a week.

EBS CNH Benchmark

Get a direct comparison between the USD and CNH currencies from a reliable reference that is calculated from executed trades.

License Data

Explore the different types of datasets offered on global benchmark markets, and the variety of formats you can choose. 


Explore our broad menu of fast, flexible and secure connections, offering robust, reliable delivery of the data you need.

Benchmark Administration

Capitalize on transparent, reliable benchmarks calculated using data from CME Group's futures, options and cash markets.

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