Take advantage of our industry-leading data solutions that help address your trading, research, compliance and risk management requirements.

Access the industry’s most robust data sets, drawn from our global benchmark markets across all major asset classes.

Keep your clients informed with up-to-the-minute intelligence, or use our licensed data to create entirely new financial products.

View real-time market and historic data, or use derived data to build or improve your products and services.

Data news and events

Get the latest news on cash, futures, options and index data products, events, trends, and more.

Data Products

Turn data points into turning points

From key pricing on our global benchmark future and options products, to exciting insights driven by non-traditional data sources, to fast, flexible, secure access, find everything you need to harness the power and potential of data.    

Real Time

Seize opportunities as they unfold with real-time data

Use market data streamed in real time for powerful trading insights and risk management.  Home to a number of global benchmarks, CME Group is your leading source for trusted, transparent pricing across interest rate, equity index, energy, agricultural commodity and foreign exchange markets—and now, for emerging digital assets. 

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Unlock the lessons of past market activities and implement new strategies

Our self-service, cloud-based platform allows you to find and access historical data with ease. With datasets dating back to the 1970s, CME DataMine provides insights into past markets you won’t find anywhere else. You may even be eligible for a trial subscription to test out many of our historical datasets.    

Across Decades of Benchmark Activity

25+ data sets

Of Data With Nearly Instant Access

600+ Terabytes


Use the predictive power of alternate data sources to find your next opportunity.

CME Group offers non-traditional data to help you gain an edge in our marketplace. Using data from third-party sources, including satellite imagery, predictive analytics or market sentiment via implied volatility measurements, alternative data offers you a comprehensive look at CME Group markets. All of our offerings are back-tested to ensure correlation to our benchmark products. 

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Alternative Datasets


Case Study

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Learn how Johannesburg Stock Exchange is using CME DataMine to distribute historical data.

"CME Group operates industry-leading data distribution platforms which offer third-party content owners the ability to rapidly access one of the largest financial markets customer bases in the world."

David Gresky - Senior Director of Data Sales


Access our data when you need it, how you need it, and at a price that works for you

CME Group provides a straightforward process for licensing our market data, either through an individual license or a licensed distributor.    

Are you new and looking to access and/or distribute CME Group data? Learn how to become a licensed distributor. 

Browse our data policies and enhance your understanding with policy guidelines and educational resources. 

With a derived data license, you can create and innovate new products and solutions using CME Group market data. 

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Create a account and unlock access to premium content, pro tools and apps. Manage market alerts, build a portfolio of the products you want to watch and subscribe to reports to stay informed about market-moving events.

Analytic Tools

Use our sophisticated tools and technology to make data-driven trading decisions

CME Liquidity Tool

Analyze current and historical bid-ask spreads, book depth and cost to trade statistics for CME Group products. Armed with around-the-clock liquidity data, clients can capitalize on new trading opportunities around the globe.    

QuikStrike Tools

Build and refine your trading strategies with our QuikStrike tools. Examine historical block trade data, download 12 months of scheduled expirations and find other insights waiting within the data and more. 

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