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Take advantage of our industry leading data solutions that help address your trading, research, compliance and risk-management requirements.

Access the industry’s most robust data sets, drawn from our global benchmark markets across all major asset classes.

Explore our tools that help you uncover insights and shape your trading strategies in every phase of your trading journey.  

Get in touch with our Data team for answers about our data, licensing or how to connect to one of our data sources. 

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Get the latest product news covering futures and options, cash, benchmark indices, alternative and 3rd party data.

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Turn data points into turning points

From key pricing on our global benchmark futures and options products, to exciting insights driven by non-traditional data sources, to fast, flexible, secure access, find everything you need to harness the power and potential of data.    


Diverse datasets for every major asset class

Gain deeper insights into your market analysis and trading decisions, using our robust portfolio of datasets. CME Group Market Data is a leading source for cash, futures and options data across interest rates, equities, agriculture, energy, metals and foreign exchange.






Straightforward licensing for the way you use our data

Find the license best suited for the way you use our data. Whether you use data to power trading strategies, better serve clients, create new products or stay informed, we can create a license that fits your needs. From individual traders or organizations, to becoming a licensed distributor of our data, our licensing solutions are flexible and scalable. 






Quick access and flexible formats

Access CME Group data in the way that best meets your business and trading needs. Choose from more than 300 distribution partners around the globe, or connect to our proprietary market data platform or our industry leading cloud distribution capabilities. 

Licensed Distributors



30 microseconds




Find reliable pricing references to guide your decisions

As the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, we have a wide range of benchmarks using data from our highly liquid and regulated markets. With benchmarks and indices from CME Group Benchmark Administration, you can make informed business decisions with confidence.


Benchmarks and Indices published daily

Research and analysis

Get our experts' perspective on current trends.

Case Study

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Learn how Johannesburg Stock Exchange is using CME DataMine to distribute historical data.

"CME Group operates industry-leading data distribution platforms which offer third-party content owners the ability to rapidly access one of the largest financial markets customer bases in the world."

David Gresky - Senior Director of Sales

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Analytic Tools

Use our sophisticated tools and technology to make data-driven trading decisions

Historical Data on A7 Platform

Review events of interest with a configurable orderbook visualizer, perform your advanced analysis directly on orderbook data with highest quality order-by-order resolution or access custom tailored metrics on a broad scope of derivative instruments.

Beacon Platform Services

Access advanced analytics with the flexibility of cloud computing, via Query API between CME Datamine and Beacon’s financial platform. Develop rich financial applications, improve trading strategies, and enhance risk management.

QuikStrike Tools

Build and refine your trading strategies with our QuikStrike tools. Examine historical block trade data, download 12 months of scheduled expirations, find other insights waiting within the data and more.

Explore more of our offerings

Gain insights into market trends through our expert analysis or manage your risk through our clearing services.


Dive into insights and analysis from our expert economists, Blu Putnam and Erik Norland, covering events and trends driving opportunities in the futures and options markets.

CME Direct

Trade CME Group futures, options, and block markets all on one screen using this fast, secure and configurable trading front-end.

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