Market Data Products


Add the powerful insights and price discovery of our leading markets with access to data when you need it, how you need, and at a price that works for you.

Explore the ways to license data and how you can customize

Whether you're looking to use data to power trading strategies, better serve clients, create new products or stay informed, find the license best suited to your goals, whether it's for individual use, data distribution or creation of new products.

Licensing for organizations

Use our futures, options and cash market data to drive more informed business, trading and risk management decisions and service your clients around the globe.

Internal display licensing

Get licensed to display CME Group’s market data for your employees on internal screens and wallboards.

Internal non-display licensing

Get licensed to use CME Group data in a system, process, program or calculation that your company uses for research and analysis, risk management or another custom use. 

Distribution licenses

Add subscriber-based services to provide individuals and organizations with real-time or delayed data in a variety of datasets, with flexible service options and distribution formats.

Understand the licensing agreement

Read through a sample licensing agreement for organizations that want to distribute our data and understand the terms and conditions, what data you can distribute and the payment schedule. 

Become a licensed data distributor

CME Group offers a simple, straightforward process to become a licensed data distributor of our market data. Learn how.

Licenses for customized products

Use CME Group market data to create new products and services, or enhance existing solutions that can transform your business and diversify how you service your clients’ needs.

Derived data

CME Group’s flexible licensing approach allows firms to license the widest global range of market data, across all major asset classes, to deliver customized solutions.

Customize your data

Our team can assist you throughout the product creation journey. Our process facilitates a variety of use cases, to deliver streamlined licensing that meets your specific needs.

Licensing for non-professional traders

Directly access data to address your own trading, risk management and compliance needs - delivered in your preferred format via a secure connection.

Find a licensed distributor

Use our directory to find a licensed distributor who can help you access our market data on a platform that is best for your business needs. 

Discounts for non-professional traders

For qualified individuals engaged in retail trading who would like access to our data, CME Group provides Non Professional rates. 

Get started with the Information Licensing Agreement

The CME Group information licensing agreement (ILA) gives tailor-made licensing with individual schedules, clear policies, and a seamless flow between licensing, onboarding and ongoing reporting.

Market Data Policy Education Center

Browse additional information about our licensing policies and how to use our products, including how to report entitlements, fee schedules and waivers.

Browse Data

Explore the different types of datasets offered on global benchmark markets, and the variety of formats you can choose. 


Explore our broad menu of fast, flexible and secure connections, offering robust, reliable delivery of the data you need.

Benchmark Administration

Capitalize on transparent, reliable benchmarks calculated using data from CME Group's futures, options, FX and cash markets.

Contact a Data expert

Connect with a member of our team to get more information about our products and services.

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