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Platinum and Palladium futures and options play an integral role in the PGMs market. Listed on NYMEX, Platinum and Palladium futures have the longest history amongst all CME Group’s metals products. As platinum and palladium are widely used in automobile industry, jewelry fabrication and as physical investment, the futures and options contracts have attracted continuous interest from commercial users and investors. 

Key Benefits

  • Most liquid Platinum and Palladium exchange-traded products in the world
  • A central point of price discovery, price transparency, risk management and mitigation of counterparty risk
  • Electronic trading on CME Globex, facilitating risk management opportunities around the globe
  • OTC clearing through CME ClearPort, providing unparalleled flexibility for off-exchange business, price negotiation and central counterparty clearing
  • Clearing through CME Clearing, reducing credit risk

Platinum and Palladium Products

Clearing Globex Floor ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Subgroup Category Subcategory Cleared As Volume Open Interest
PL PL - PL Platinum Futures NYMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 22,683 77,495
PA PA - PA Palladium Futures NYMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 9,413 21,883
PO PO - PO Platinum Option NYMEX Metals Precious - - Options 422 8,256
PAO PAO - PAO Palladium Options NYMEX Metals Precious - - Options 5 1,713
GPS GPS - GPS Gold/Platinum Spread Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 0 0
PPS PPS - PPS Platinum/Palladium Spread Futures NYMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 0 0
Trade Date: 23 Aug 2019 | PRELIMINARY

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