COMEX Rulebook

i. COMEX Certificate of Incorporation
ii. COMEX Bylaws
  Joint NYMEX AND COMEX Chapters
iii. Definitions
iv. Disclaimers
1 Membership
2 Government
3 Exchange Committees
4 Enforcement of Rules
5 Trading Qualifications and Practices
6 Arbitration
7 Delivery Facilities and Procedures
8 Clearing House and Performance Bonds
9 Clearing Members
300 Options Contracts
  COMEX Product Chapters
107 Aluminum Futures
108 Aluminium European Premium Duty-Unpaid (Metal Bulletin) Futures
109 Aluminum Japan Premium (Platts) Futures
111 Copper Futures
112 Silver Futures
113 Gold Futures
114 Gold Kilo Futures
115 Gold Option
116 Silver Option
117 Copper Option
120 Micro Gold Futures
121 Micro Silver Futures
122 Aluminum A380 Alloy (Platts) Futures
126 Gold (Enhanced Delivery) Futures
127 Shanghai Gold (USD) Futures
128 Shanghai Gold (CNH) Futures
129 London Spot Gold Futures
130 London Spot Silver Futures
186 Zinc Futures
187 Lead Futures
188 Gold/Silver Ratio Futures
189 Gold/Platinum Spread Futures
195 Alumina FOB Australia (Platts) Futures
196 Alumina FOB Australia (Metal Bulletin) Futures
334 Cleared OTC London Gold Forwards (collateral margin)
911 E-mini Gold Futures
912 E-mini Silver Futures
913 E-mini Copper Futures
921 U.S. Midwest Hot-Rolled Coil Steel (Platts) Futures
925 U.S. Midwest Shredded Scrap (Platts) Futures
969 U.S. Midwest Domestic Steel Premium (CRU) Futures
971 North European Hot- Rolled Coil Steel (Argus) Futures
972 Copper Premium Grade A CIF Shanghai (Metal Bulletin) Futures
1008 Gold Weekly Option
1009 Silver Weekly Option
1010 Copper Weekly Option
1081 Cleared OTC London Gold Forwards (cash margin)
1083 Cleared OTC London Silver Forwards (cash margin)
1109 Aluminium European Premium Duty-Paid (Metal Bulletin) Futures
1144 Aluminum MW U.S. Transaction Premium Platts (25MT) Average Price Option
1189 Aluminum MW U.S. Transaction Premium Platts (25MT) Futures
1190 Copper Financial Futures
1191 Copper Average Price Option