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Want to learn what it is like to trade live with the world’s leading derivatives exchange? Think you have what it takes to outperform your peers? Put yourself to the test by participating in a CME Institute Trading Challenge.

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Open Trading Challenge

Multiple times throughout the year CME Institute will run a week-long trading challenge. These trading challenges blend together live instruction, online learning, and simulated trading using live market data. Learn about the markets, then practice your new knowledge and skills by competing with fellow traders.

Private Challenge

CME Institute partners with university professors and trading desk managers to develop trading challenges for private groups. Augment your classroom or training program with a live trading challenge through CME Institute, where your students or employees can hone their futures knowledge in a simulated environment.

To get your free trading challenge started, email a request for a private challenge to CME Institute.

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University Trading Challenge

The CME Group University Trading Challenge is a complimentary electronic trading competition that allows students to experience the excitement, energy and decision-making environment of real-time trading. This annual competition is a unique chance for students to learn hands-on techniques for trading futures.

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Academic Resources

CME Group wants to make it easier for you to learn – and teach – about futures and options. We have created a variety of services for free, or at a reduced rate, to help you educate the next generation of market participants on our Academic Resources page. Learn more today by visiting the page below.

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