Learn about the futures and options markets with a variety of courses designed to help you at each stage of your trading journey. Whether you are brand new to the derivatives market, or an experienced trader looking to sharpen specific skills, our courses will help you deepen your knowledge and improve your understanding of our markets.

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  • Introduction to Agriculture

    Get a basic yet critical overview of agricultural futures and options markets. Learn who uses these contracts, how they work, and how participants use them.

  • Micro E-mini Futures

    Learn about the Micro E-Mini futures contracts, including an example of how you can hedge your position more precisely by using the contract.

  • Understanding the Benefits of Futures

    Discover 8 reasons why futures should be part of your portfolio in this easy-to-finish, multi-part online course. Learn how futures can help you reach trading objectives with greater ease and effectiveness, and potentially lower costs.

  • Options on Futures for Equity Traders

    Learn about how knowledge of futures products could help you transition from equity options to options on futures using strategies you already know.

  • Portfolio Management with Equity Index Futures and Options

    Equity index futures and options are important tools portfolio managers use to maximize capital efficiencies, minimize portfolio risks, and generate portable alpha. This course covers topics such as cash equitization, portable alpha, beta replication, and transition management.

  • Understanding Livestock Markets

    Gain an understanding of key concepts of the livestock market. Learn about the different products, how various market participants use them, and factors that impact the markets; including the use of futures and options for risk management in the livestock markets.

  • Things to Know Before Trading CME Group Futures

    Learn about the steps involved in trading CME Group Futures contracts.

  • Technical Analysis

    In this course, you will learn about the various patterns, indicators, and analysis techniques traders use when studying the price of a commodity.

  • Trading and Analysis

    Once you have developed a trading plan, you are ready to determine how to make buy and sell decisions. Learn how to judge those decisions here.

  • Trade and Risk Management

    Get an introduction to trading and risk management, including the key information you need to know about risk management.

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