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Trade COMEX Gold futures and options contracts for a globally relevant, liquid financial instrument to help you hedge against inflation.

A safe haven in times of financial uncertainty, our suite of gold products includes full (100 oz.), E-mini (50 oz.), E-micro (10 oz.), and kilo size contracts to provide market users with flexibility, transparency, and choice in tailoring their risk management programs. 

Key Benefits

  • A central point of price discovery, price transparency, risk management, mitigation of counterparty credit risk, and CFTC oversight
  • Price managed separately from physical supply
  • Contracts are listed for 60 months forward, enabling the establishment of a forward price curve.
  • Electronic futures trading available on CME Globex, facilitating risk management opportunities for market participants around the globe.
  • Unparalleled flexibility to conduct off-exchange business, negotiate prices, and take advantage of central counterparty clearing with OTC clearing through CME ClearPort. 

Gold Products

Clearing Globex Floor ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Subgroup Category Subcategory Cleared As Volume Open Interest
GC GC - GC Gold Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 233,663 448,020
OG OG - OG Gold Option COMEX Metals Precious - - Options 73,235 872,595
MGC MGC - MGC Micro Gold Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 51,892 27,897
QO QO - QO E-mini Gold Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 873 1,013
SGU SGU - SGU Shanghai Gold (USD) Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 0 136
GCT GCT - GCT Gold TAS Futures COMEX Metals Precious - - Futures 0 0
Trade Date: 20 Sep 2023 | PRELIMINARY

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As you look to add liquid and actively-traded contracts to your portfolio, COMEX Gold futures lead the charge for benchmark, efficient risk management opportunities in today's global gold markets. Understanding COMEX Gold futures can help you to more accurately manage your risk and benefits from thse liquid markets.

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