1,000-oz. Silver Futures

1,000-oz. Silver Futures

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Our new physically delivered 1,000-oz. Silver Futures contract (SIL) gives more customers an efficient and less-expensive vehicle to participate in the market.

Although one-fifth the size of our benchmark Silver Futures contract, SIL is fungible with the full-size contract. The contract also permits delivery of five Accumulated Certificates of Exchange, or ACEs, and the conversion of all five certificates into one COMEX Silver Warrant. These features allow for delivery of silver bars and provide maximum flexibility for our customers in the metals marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Fungible with our benchmark 5,000-oz. Silver Futures contract (SI)
  • Deliveries of 1,000 oz.-Silver Futures may be made through conversion of Accumulated Certificates of Exchange (ACEs), which are issued by the Clearing House.
  • Tailored for individual traders and smaller trade houses
  • Smaller initial capital outlay and lower margin
  • Convertible: five ACEs equivalent to one 5,000-oz. COMEX Silver Warrant
  • Accessible on these venues: CME Globex and CME ClearPort for clearing
  • Backed by the security of CME Clearing

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