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Learn about the benefits of CME Group options to manage risk, maximize capital efficiency and gain simple, streamlined market access. 


Around-the-clock options liquidity

Options on futures offer deep liquidity and greater risk management across six asset classes, and a broad array of maturities and strikes.


Capital and operational efficiencies

Trading options and their underlying futures at CME Group maximizes capital efficiencies through margin offsets and streamlined operations. 


Advanced tools, apps, and support

Expand your possibilities with always-on market access with constant 24/6 support. Integrate solutions backed by the latest, and most innovative trading technology.

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The latest across the CME Group options complex

* QuikStrike Implied Volatility estimate from highest Open Interest expiration

Data provided by Quikstrike
SOFR options volume does not include Open Outcry

Big in stature. Smaller in size.

Monthly and weekly Micro Gold options with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday expirations are now ready to trade.

See how traders are using options

Learn how other market participants use options on futures to manage event risk and reduce portfolio volatility. 

A comprehensive range of tools to help you trade options

Find a variety of tools from pre-trade to post-trade and expand your understanding of what is happening in the options market.

Find the right analytics tools based on your trading needs

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