CME Group Market Data in the Cloud

Access real-time or delayed data via Google Cloud Platform.

CME Group understands that market participants rely on having right data to respond instantly to global events, to manage trading strategies or to mitigate risk. Google Cloud offers an hourly fee model for cloud-computing usage, and it facilitates the use of real-time and delayed market data in the cloud—all at scale, securely and easily.

Key benefits

Greater access

Increased global access to CME Group market data, via 19 compute locations, with quicker onboarding and improved authentication.

Decreasing data access costs

On-demand, pay as you go model – no long-term commitments needed, which can help lower your data and operational costs.

More efficient

No need to manage infrastructure. CME Group Market Data is provided using an environment with cost-effective, on-demand computing resources.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Real-time & Delayed Binary Data

CME Group supports Real-time and Delayed Binary Data (10 minutes), allowing customers to use CME Group data under standard licensing terms. This cloud-based delivery mechanism provides customers with low-cost, flexible, reliable data access without the requirement to delay the content so they can focus on its use. Receipt of the data and licensing removes the requirement of intermediary service providers and the costs associated.

  • Seamless transition between real-time and delayed data without changing technical processes
  • Support for internal teams that don’t have a need for real-time data
  • Compliance with CME Group Delayed Data timing requirements

JSON futures and options

GCP now supports JSON-formatted futures and options data, giving customers an easy, low-cost, highly scalable format to drive their business. Receipt of the data and licensing removes the requirement, complexity, and cost of an intermediary service.

  • Easy format for use by developers, quants, and data scientists
  • Fastest and easiest way to receive and use CME Group market data
  • GCP native services optimized to handle JSON, including Cloud Functions, Dataflow as well as a variety of third-party and open source projects

Google Analytics Hub

Efficiently query and share data between teams in real-time, reliably, and at a fraction of the cost. Historical market depth data offers access to the complete history of futures and options data dating back to 2014, enhancing research, trading, and risk management capabilities at scale. Includes order book, statistics, and quotes across equity index, foreign exchange, interest rates, crypto, energy, metals and agriculture.

  • Ability to run SQL queries on database and receive returns in seconds
  • Consume historical data in a streamlined cloud workflow (BigQuery ML, DataFlow, VertexAI, Google Sheets, Data Studio,)
  • No need to download data from cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-on prem
  • Derive common datasets: settlements, volume traded, top of book, time and sales and high/low limit price

Case studies

Customer stories


Automatic onboarding is available for data on Google Cloud Platform through CME Group market data administrative solutions. This process will help you get set up to access your real-time data on the cloud platform.

Once you have access to CME Group Market Data in the Cloud, you will log in through Google Cloud Authentication.

Dedicated connectivity to CME Group is also available via our co-location and global network hubs. Firms can license directly with CME Group, or through an approved third-party service provider.

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