All About Options

Increase your knowledge about options on futures trading with this curriculum, designed to provide an overview of what you need to know to trade options.

All About Options is a compilation of several individual options courses from CME Institute, linked together to provide you the most educational journey in a path that walks you through all the information in an easy-to-understand format.

This curriculum is designed for all trader types and covers:

  • Basics of options trading
  • Commonly used strategies
  • Hypothetical market scenarios to see how premium is affected by input changes
  • Options trading lifecycle


Introduction to Options

If you want to learn to trade options, this is the place to start. Learn how options work, how they are constructed, and which features make options on futures unique. This course contains over 15 lessons, such as:

  • What is Exercise Price (strike)?
  • Learn about Exercise and Assignment
  • Put-Call Parity

Option Greeks

Option prices are driven by multiple variables including changes in the underlying price, interest rates, passage of time, and changes in the expected volatility in the market. Collectively, these are called the Greeks. Gain a basic understanding of how the Greeks are integral to managing a portfolio of options. This course contains five lessons, including:

  • Delta
  • Vega
  • Options Premium and the Greeks

Option Strategies

Option Strategies are an integral part of a trader’s routine. Learn about common option strategies utilized by traders that express their view of market direction and expected volatility. Whether you are hedging a position or speculating on market outcomes, these common option strategies should be understood. This course contains nine lessons, such as:

  • Straddle
  • Strangle
  • Covered Calls
  • Collars

Long Options: Underlying and Volatility Impact

When trading options, all variables need to be considered, and the combination of these variables may lead to different results. Gain a better understanding of how changes in underlying prices and implied volatility affect an options premium. Watch how a call option and put option’s premium changes across different market scenarios. This course contains six lessons, such as:

  • Long Call Position with Change in Underlying Price
  • Long Put Position with Change in Volatility
  • Long Call Position with Change in Volatility and Underlying Price

Options on Futures for Equity Traders

This course is geared towards traders familiar with trading equity options and will show you how a little knowledge around futures can help you transition from equity options to options on futures, using many of the strategies you already deploy. This course contains four lessons, such as:

  • Trading Options on Futures Using Strategies You Already Know
  • Why Options on Futures Gives Added Benefit of Diversifying Risk
  • Trading Option During Economic Events

Tools for Option Analysis

Discover the functionality and analytics available in QuikStrike and how to apply those tools to your daily trading activities. Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group markets. This course contains seven lessons, including:

  • Volatility Calculator
  • Open Interest Heatmap
  • Event Vol Calculator

Ready to practice?

Practice trading, charting, and price analysis. Since practice makes perfect, our trading simulator and analysis tools offer hands-on learning in the futures and options markets.

Strategy simulator

Compare how an option, futures or physical position would perform across different underlying price scenarios, in a risk-free simulated environment.

Trading simulator

Take your learning to the next level by practicing in our simulator. Study the charts, add your indicators, test your strategies, and manage your account. All for free.

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