Weekly Energy options

Manage risk and maintain exposure efficiently with short-term options on crude oil and natural gas benchmarks for multiple days of the week.

Add flexibility at a lower premium

Enjoy lower option premiums when targeting shorter periods of risk, coupled with precise hedging on physical or financial positions.

Tap into leading Energy options liquidity

Trade the most liquid Crude Oil Weekly options market as well as Natural Gas Weekly options built on the most liquid Natural Gas options market.

Turn short-term risk into an opportunity

Precisely manage volatility surrounding events like OPEC+ meetings, EIA reports, geopolitical shifts, cargo-loading windows, weather and weekend risk.

Manage risk, maintain exposure when volatility strikes

With their shorter-term maturities and lower premiums, Weekly Energy options offer the most precise, cost-effective tools for managing short-term price risk strategically without disrupting existing exposure. Use them to complement longer-dated crude oil and natural gas positions in your Energy portfolio, to hedge short-term price risk related to market-moving events like OPEC+ meetings.

Enjoy more ways to manage short-term risk

Choose from options expirations available every day of the week for Crude Oil and every Friday for Natural Gas.

See how traders are using Weekly options

Learn how other market participants use Weekly options to manage event risk and reduce portfolio volatility.

Learn how to hedge event-driven risk over a weekend and into the following week using WTI Weekly options.

Explore how to use WTI Weekly options to hedge oil risk and express views around market-moving events, with precision and lower premiums.

Discover how to effectively manage price risk in the global crude oil market using Weekly option expirations.

Learn how to combine weekly and monthly expiries to hedge or express short-term views on oil price or volatility.

Vendor codes

WTI Crude Oil Monday ML1-ML5 IMLA Comdty LO CL
WTI Crude Oil Tuesday NL1-NL5 IOLA Comdty
WTI Crude Oil Wednesday WL1-WL5 IWLA Comdty
WTI Crude Oil Thursday XL1-XL5 IZLA Comdty
WTI Crude Oil Friday LO1-LO5 CLWA Comdty
Micro WTI Crude Oil MW1-MW5 WWIA Comdty MCO MCL
Brent Crude Oil BW1-BW5 BZCA Comdty BZO BZ
Natural Gas (Physical) ON1-ON5 ONWA Comdty ON NG
Natural Gas (Financial) LN1-LN5 GKWA Comdty LN NG

Tools for your trading strategy

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Understand how Weekly WTI options work

Learn important details about Weekly WTI Crude Oil options and what you need to know to optimize use of these contracts alongside your current strategies.

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