EBS FX Benchmarks

Track spot rate fixing prices for core currency pairs with the EBS FX Benchmarks.

Transaction-based transparency

The only benchmarks primarily based on actual transaction and order data and calculated every 30 minutes and published 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Built on the leading spot FX platform

Underpinning each index is data from EBS Markets, the award-winning, full electronic FX central limit order book.


The spot fixing rates improve transparency by only using transactions and order data from the EBS Markets platform during the allotted 10-minute window leading up to the fixing time.

EBS FX Benchmarks

The EBS FX benchmarks are registered under UK BMR and updated every 30 minutes and published 24 hours a day, five days a week. The entire suite includes 15 of the most referenced currency pairs across the globe. The spot rate fixings improve transparency in the FX markets by only using transaction and order data from the EBS Market platform during the allotted 10 minute window leading up to the fixing time.


The EBS CNH Benchmark is published at 1500 Beijing time (CST) / 0700 GMT. The benchmark is a direct comparison between the two currencies and is a reliable reference that is calculated from executed trades.

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Fixing CNH
3 p.m. Beijing Time

Additional EBS FX Benchmarks coming soon.

Refinitiv codes

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The four daily time fixings are available on this website in the data table above.

EBS FX oversight committee

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