International Equity Index Products

International Equity Index Products

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Fine-tune your emerging market exposure with CME's growing portfolio of International Equity Index Products. Access the Japanese and Brazilian markets with our Nikkei 225 complex, and USD-denominated Ibovespa Futures. Trade these products on CME Globex, the premier electronic trading platform.

Key Benefits

  • International exposure - products based on regional benchmark indices 
  • Capital efficiency - possible margin offsets against select Equity Index and FX Products 
  • Superior technology - electronic trading on CME Globex, the most reliable trading platform
  • Market access - nearly 24-hour trading and 24/7 support available globally on CME Globex

Market Impact During Japanese Golden Week (April 29 – May 6)

Outright and calendar spreads (and intercommodity spreads between Yen and USD Nikkei) for Nikkei-225 and Topix futures will be open during the normal trading hours for Golden Week, while the underlying cash market will be closed. 

Please note:

(a) BTICs on Nikkei and Topix will not be open because the underlying cash market is closed and there will not be valid index closing values for those trading days

(b) Price Limits and Circuit Breakers will be imposed at the level established as of April 26, and will stay unchanged during the period.  New levels will be recalculated following May 7 trade date.

International Equity Index Products

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International Equity Index Products

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