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  • High U.S. Debt Could Put Fed on Cautious Footing


    The U.S. economy is humming along at 2% GDP growth but the high level of public and private debt could temper the pace of the Fed's rate hikes.

  • Getting Technical: Congestion Phase Breakout


    This week in Getting Technical with Futures and Options, we will look at how to trade a congestion phase breakout, made of two parallel lines.

  • May NYMEX Natural Gas Update


    Review the Natural Gas markets in May, including electronic options growth, improved Henry Hub liquidity and more.

  • Volatility Jam Session Webinar


    Learn about options strategies and how to initiate those strategies in the optimum volatility environment.

  • The Hightower Report - Energy Market Outlook: Mid-Year 2017


    Take a look at the mid-year 2017 energy markets to get an overview of what is happening with WTI future and options. Read more from the Hightower Report.

  • Oil: OPEC Output Cuts vs. Rising U.S. Rig Count


    Will market euphoria over OPEC's decision to extend production cuts by nine months be short-lived? Rising U.S. rig counts might have the answer

  • Choosing Wheat in Reflationary Investment Environment


    Read several reasons why KC Wheat futures may be wise for fund managers looking to express inflationary views in agricultural futures.

  • How to Trade an Ascending Channel


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at how to trade an ascending channel, including details to identify the trend and strategies for options.

  • Infographic: CME CF BRR and BRTI


    Take a look at infographic about CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and Bitcoin Real-Time Index. Learn more.

  • CME Group Monthly Coal Report


    This document is a summary of previous month ADV, monthly volume and open interest for CME Group's suite of coal products. Read full report.

  • Q2 Customer Forum Webinar


    Join CME Group for our 2017 Q2 customer forum, highlighting product updates, technology changes and more.

  • Transitioning E-mini Russell 2000 Positions from ICE to CME


    Get an overview of how to transition your Russell 2000 Index futures positions from ICE to CME with the July 10 launch.

  • April Options Review


    An overview of the March options markets, including all-time quarterly ADV record, record Interest Rates options traded, new Monday Weekly S&P 500 options.

  • Getting Technical: Wedge Pattern Breakout


    Read this week’s Getting Technical with Futures and Options to get insight into the wedge pattern breakout and how to use this trading strategy. Learn more.

  • Get to Know COMEX Copper Futures


    Join Dave Lerman of CME Group as he takes a closer look at COMEX Copper futures, including the key benefits you can leverage today.

  • Introduction to Crack Spreads


    Get an introduction to crack spreads, including how to hedge, types of crack spreads, factors which affect the value and more. Read now.

  • Canada: Is Debt, Real Estate Sinking the Loonie?


    The Canadian dollar has been under-performing WTI crude oil as the country's high debt and overvalued real estate raise caution over economic growth.

  • The FX Report - April


    Get an overview of what is happening in the FX markets during the month of April, including rising ADV, record weekly options volume and more.

  • April 2017 Metals Update


    Get recent developments in the Metals markets with the April update, including rising Precious and Base metals ADV, strong Copper performance and more.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • EU Clearing Obligation


    Get an overview of what CME can do for you to make your clearing obligations more manageable. Learn more.

  • NYMEX Energy Options Update


    Watch Jeff White, Senior Director of Energy Products at CME Group, present a brief update on NYMEX Energy Options trading.

  • April Equity Index Products Review


    Take a look at the April performance of CME Group Equity Index products, including a 60% increase in E-mini Select Sector futures ADV and more.

  • Oil: Battle of the Swing Producers Heats Up


    As OPEC members meet in Vienna on May 25 to discuss extending production cuts for another six months, U.S. shale producers have been ramping up supplies.

  • FAQ: Weekly Options on U.S. Treasury Futures


    Get answers to requently asked questions about Wednesday and Friday weekly options on U.S. Treasury futures. Learn more.

  • MAC Futures Update - CME Group


    View a weekly reort detailing changes in volume and open interest for Mac Swap Futures at CME Group.

  • Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasury Overview


    Learn more about CME Group’s new Treasury future and options offering, Ultra 10-Year U.S. Treasuries, including product specifications and more.

  • Will Trump Tax Cuts Spur Growth or Balloon Debt?


    Five reasons why the proposed cuts to both corporate and personal income taxes would do little to stimulate growth but might add to the mountain of debt.

  • Aligning Options Strategies with Volatility


    Watch a short video about how to use volatility data to know which options are cheap and which are excessively cheap.

  • Getting Technical: Symmetrical Triangle Breakouts


    Learn more about symmetrical triangle breakouts, areas of indecision caused by nearly equal supply and demand, as a trading strategy for future and options.