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  • Introduction to CME BoEWatch


    Watch a video explaining how the CME BoEWatch tool works, and how you can use the information provided by the tool to enhance your trading strategies.

  • Will Gold Shine if Fed Pauses Rate Hikes in 2019?


    Gold will face cross-currents in 2019, from a possible decline in Chinese and Indian demand for jewelry, increased supplies and the possibility of the Fed not raising rates in 2019. Hedge your portfolio with futures and options.

  • Oil: Implied Volatility Soars but Path Ahead is Unclear


    Oil implied volatility surged at the end of 2018 as prices tumbled and held those levels despite a rebound. What's in store for the market in 2019?

  • FAQ: BTIC on Nikkei 225 Futures


    Get answers to frequently asked questions about Basis Trade at Index Close (BTIC) on Nikkei 225 futures, including an overview of what’s changing and more.

  • December Options Review


    Read an overview of options markets in December, plus significant trends and storylines for full-year 2018.

  • Is Government Shutdown a Prelude to Debt Ceiling Debate?


    The economic impact from the partial government shutdown is expected to be minimal, but the markets will take notice if the debt ceiling becomes an issue.

  • FAQ: CME Crude Auction


    Get answers to frequently asked questions about the CME Crude Auction with, including details about the auction platform and delivery of products.

  • Black Sea and Australian Grain Monthly Update


    Stay up-to-date on volumes for Black Sea Wheat and Corn, and Australian Wheat and comparisons to Chicago Wheat and Corn contracts.

  • January Rates Recap


    Read the January Rates Recap for a look at the 2018 Liquidity Report and an overview of SOFR’s performance, including trading 1M contracts in eight months.

  • Interest Rate Futures Liquidity Update


    Read an update on key liquidity measures in Interest Rate futures during 2018, including the quality of the CLOB, OI and more.

  • November Equity Index Product Review


    Read about changes in the Equity Index markets in the November review, including monthly and year-to-date daily volume as well as product highlights. Read more.

  • October Equity Index Products Review


    Keep up with the Equity Index markets in October, including a 111% volume increase YoY. Read more.

  • Metals Market Update: Signs Point to a Bullish Return


    Strong gains in gold, silver and palladium markets point to broadening of bullish forces and perhaps a return to classic safe haven conditions.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • Phase Transitions: Major Changes for Markets to Navigate


    From the rising cost of capital to the trade war and key demographic changes, markets have to navigate through a series of phase transitions in 2019.

  • Gulf Basis Update


    The Gulf Basis Report, released quarterly, provides a history and current update of the Corn, Soybean, and Wheat basis at the Louisiana Gulf.

  • Investing in Cryptocurrency


    Guests: Chris Solarz, Managing Director of Cliffwater; James Koutolas, CEO of Typhon Capital Management; Tim McCourt, the Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group; Roy Neiderhoffer, President of R.G. Neiderhoffer Capital Management.

  • Hedging with the CME Feeder Cattle Index White Paper


    Read a white paper on how to effectively hedge risk from daily price movements in feeder cattle markets with the CME Feeder Cattle Index and Futures contract.

  • Event Risk Enters Phase 3: What's At Stake in 2019?


    Event risk outcomes could be dragged out in 2019 as issues like the trade war and questions over when the Fed might halt rate hikes simmer in markets.

  • Market Volatility: Headwinds, from Trade War to Rates, in 2019?


    Markets could face headwinds in 2019 from the lag effects of major events that took place in 2018, from the trade war to rate hikes and corporate tax cuts.

  • Liquidity Insights: Market Responds to latest FOMC Rates Decisions


    Read an analysis on how the market responds before and after recent FOMC rate decisions.

  • Market Movers: December 20 Hogs and Pigs Report


    Industry experts Dave Hightower, Founding Principal of The Hightower Report, and Dan Basse, President of AgResource Company, discuss trading opportunities in advance of the December 20 U.S. Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report.

  • Brexit: Endgame in Sight?


    The Brexit debacle is at a stage that goes well beyond UK's divorce from the EU to who the next Prime Minister might be and from which party.

  • The FX Report: Issue IX


    In this issue of The FX Report, ready about a new award for CME FX Link, narrower spreads for INR/USD, live Kiwi options, and carry trades for MXN and INR.

  • Metals Market Update: Long Gold - A Trade for All Seasons?


    Signs of a key bottom in gold and silver continue to surface while prices are building consolidation lows. Read more about the metals markets today.

  • Post-G20 Market Implications for U.S.- China Trade, Oil Prices


    The G20 meeting yielded the U.S.-China trade war cease-fire and the Russia-Saudi Arabia pact to curb oil output. How will they pan out in 2019?

  • December Rates Recap


    Read about the interest rates markets in the December Rates Recap, including a 12K ADV jump for SOFR futures and Ultra 10 options liquidity enhancements.

  • November Options Review


    Read about the latest movements in the options markets, including record volume in Energy options and Treasury options

  • SOFR Futures Packs and Bundles


    Get an introduction to packs and bundles for Three-Month SOFR futures, including how these execution strategies work and practical examples.