Gulf Coast LNG Export Futures

Manage your global gas risk with CME Group’s full suite of natural gas products, including Gulf Coast LNG Export futures now available to trade.

Gulf Coast LNG Export futures allow price discovery and risk management in a growing marketplace, while providing access to physically delivered LNG on CME Globex and via Trayport Joule Direct.

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Key Benefits


Access transparent price discovery and risk management in the liquified natural gas marketplace

Flexible trade execution

Execute anonymously and electronically on CME Globex or clear through CME ClearPort

Market liquidity

Trade nearly 24 hours a day globally on CME Globex and CME ClearPort, each with a dedicated regional customer support team

Safety and security

Mitigate counterparty risk through CME Clearing; and transact with diversified market participants

Get to know LNG Futures on NYMEX

Find out how physically-delivered Gulf Coast LNG Export futures will shape the natural gas marketplace

New LNG Freight Futures

Effectively hedge LNG exposure around the globe with our expanding suite of Freight products: three new LNG Freight futures launching December 23 on NYMEX. Key benefits include:

  • Add counterparty risk mitigation through CME Clearing
  • Enjoy margin offsets to key NYMEX Natural Gas markets
  • Hedge liquefied natural gas exposure on three routes: Sabine to Tokyo, Gladstone to Tokyo, and Sabine to United Kingdom

Find out more in the latest special executive report and LNG Freight fact card.

About LNG futures

Special Executive Report
Gulf Coast LNG Export futures available to trade on NYMEX.

Gulf Coast LNG Export futures Rulebook
View exhibit A for CFTC rule filing for initial listing of the Gulf Coast LNG Export futures contract.

Is LNG the New Oil?
Deep dive into the geopolitical relations of LNG.

Will the US be the home of LNG Price Formation?
Get to know US Gulf Coast LNG futures and how the benchmark will enhance the marketplace.

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