Use our exchange-agnostic technology services to help improve workflow or reduce credit, systemic or counterparty risk, throughout the trade lifecycle.

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Optimize and analyze every transaction with our industry-leading services

An innovative suite of technology services that help you simplify complex transactions and keep pace with regulatory requirements and market best practices. Lower notional value portfolio compression and reconciliation or manage collateral through analytics and reporting.

Use For:

Margin requirements optimization

Uncleared margin rules compliance

Reduce counterparty risk

SA-CCR and regulatory compliance

Portfolio compression and reconciliation

Optimize your trade workflows, minimize manual processes, rationalize vendor usage and reduce operational costs, using our established, global cross-asset network of post-trade processing, workflow and credit risk services that can support any trade relationship.

Use For:

Credit risk management

Payment and settlement optimization

Trade processing

Trade lifecycle management

The core of our robust financial safeguards system, CME Clearing serves as the neutral counterparty to every futures, options and OTC trade, ensuring market integrity and reducing risk.   

Use For:

Exchange agnostic clearing & OTC clearing

Financial and regulatory surveillance

Collateral management

Risk management

Sophisticated and bespoke risk mitigation solutions for banks and dealers to efficiently offset and manage various types of basis risk in their trading portfolios.   

Use For:

Portfolio risk mitigation and optimization

Explore our Market Data services

Inform your trades with data services ranging from key pricing on global benchmark futures and options products to exciting insights driven by non-traditional data sources.

Capitalize on market events as they unfold. Get price discovery on global benchmark products via secure data management services.

Access 450 terabytes of historical data, using flexible data discovery methods, and unlock the lessons of past market activities that inform today’s strategies.

Imagine, invent and innovate using data you can trust from our global benchmark markets across all major asset classes.


CME Direct

Trade CME Group futures, options, and block markets all on one screen using this fast, secure and configurable trading front-end.


CME ClearPort

Clear contracts across asset classes with ClearPort, a suite of flexible clearing services for the global OTC market.

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