Direct streaming

BrokerTec Stream

Directed streams, private transactions

Whether disclosed or anonymous, BrokerTec Stream enables participants to trade in a relationship-based environment with tighter price increments and no transactional market data.


Fully regulated

Access all the benefits of relationship-based trading via BrokerTec’s trusted and fully-regulated markets.

Synergies between CLOB and Streaming

Connect via BrokerTec’s existing infrastructure, unlocking potential position netting and shared minimums across CLOB and Streaming transactions.

Cost-effective execution

Smaller tick increments and preferred pricing from known counterparties ensures the most cost-effective execution.

  • Currently live for UST Benchmarks
  • 1/16 minimum price increments across the curve
  • All trades settle against BrokerTec
  • Leverage BrokerTec’s Liquidity Management services and robust analytics tools powered by Google Cloud
  • Shared credit and front end with the BrokerTec order book
  • Leverages existing BrokerTec STP feeds
  • Choose between Single ticket (full amount) fills and Sweepable (full or partial) fills
  • Participants can opt to transact on a disclosed or anonymous basis per counterparty relationship
  • TransFICC
  • ION Trading
  • Broadway Technology
  • CQG
  • Trading Technologies

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"Providing our customers with the most advanced technology to improve the execution experience is of the utmost importance to BrokerTec."

- John Edwards, Global Head of BrokerTec


Tap into our electronic marketplace with a central pool of liquidity for U.S. Treasury, EU, and US Repo trading.

Data and analytics

Harness the insights of BrokerTec’s fixed income market data, available through multiple connection types and a variety of trading terminals.


Take advantage of your choice of connections to access our BrokerTec markets, by API, GUI, or a custom solution.

Regulatory documents

Download region-specific regulatory docs to navigate the trading lifecycle, from pre- to post-trade, and content to support BrokerTec trading activity.

Connect with new perspectives on the bond markets

Contact an expert or request a demo

For more information or assistance, connect with the BrokerTec support team near you by filling out the form. You can also request a free demo of BrokerTec’s trading solutions.

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