Swap Futures

Get interest rate swap exposure with the margin efficiency, simplicity and safety of a standardized futures contract through the suite of Eris SOFR Swap futures products.

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Eris SOFR Swap futures

Eris SOFR Swap futures are contracts that replicate all the cash flows of equivalent fixed versus floating, SOFR-indexed swaps. These contracts do not expire quarterly, but instead remain listed for the entire swap accrual period. This allows Eris SOFR Swap futures to be capital efficient, easy-to-implement hedging instruments for end users. 

Why trade Swap futures?

Easy access to transparent markets

Liquid, transparent SOFR swap markets for all futures users; no swap lines or ISDA documents.

70% lower margin than cleared swaps

Requires 60% – 70% less margin to be posted as collateral, freeing up cash.

Eligible for hedge accounting

Unique futures can be held for years like swaps, enabling FASB ASC 815 hedge accounting.

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