Emerging Markets FX futures and options

Access reliable around-the-clock pricing and the liquidity you need so you can act as markets move.

Get information on exchange rules, delivery procedures and clearing services. View CME Rulebook.

Trade emerging markets around the clock for maximum flexibility

Trade a wide range of currencies, including the Chinese renminbi, Indian rupee, Brazilian real, South African rand, Russian ruble and more. Our transparent markets offer reliable pricing and deep liquidity around the clock for decisive action in any market condition.

Why trade Emerging Markets products?

Capital and margin efficiencies

Maximize margin and capital efficiency with FX futures and options in today's regulatory landscape.


Harness 23-hour central limit order book access for transparency, price discovery and passive trading.

OTC-style trading

Negotiate block and EFRP trades directly with chosen counterparts, bypassing ISDAs or bilateral credit lines.

FX insights

Get our experts’ perspectives on current trends.

Diversify your portfolio with deeply liquid FX products offered at a lower initial margin.

Educational resources

Take self-guided courses to find out more about FX

Contact an Emerging Markets FX expert

Connect with a member of our expert Emerging Markets FX team to get more information about our products, find a broker or to contact a market maker.

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