A near-term carbon offset solution to help meet ESG initiatives

CBL Global Emissions Offset (GEO) futures provide delivery of physical carbon offset credits that have undergone stringent screening. This contract helps the global market base access standardized and validated instruments for the emerging voluntary emissions market.

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Features and benefits

For the first time, manage climate risk with cleared voluntary offsets

CBL GEO futures offer the first physically settled, exchange-traded risk management tool for voluntary carbon offsets.

Trade an internationally recognized standard

Businesses’ carbon emissions can be offset through emissions reduction projects vetted through CORSIA’s global, standardized framework – enabling better management of ESG requirements.

Receive seamless delivery of offset credits

CBL facilitates delivery of offset credits and can help firms onboard with approved registries for seamless delivery.

Add price discovery

Standardized, transparent markets foster true price discovery for participants, providing fair market valuations of carbon offsets.

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