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Get precise, real-time prices for the most in-demand energy markets. Trade benchmark products – WTI Crude, Henry Hub Natural Gas, Brent Crude, RBOB Gasoline – used worldwide to set the pricing curve for managing risk and exploring energy opportunities.

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UCO and UCOME Futures

To support the transition to a greener energy market for transportation fuels, CME Group’s NYMEX is now offering four futures contracts for Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester (UCOME).­

Find standard benchmark products, or trade spreads, nearly 24 hours a day in NYMEX’s deeply liquid markets.

Hedge risk with the flexibility of multiple contract sizes, using physical or financial settlement on NYMEX, including the global benchmark: Henry Hub.

Hedge industry price risk with Thermal and Coking Coal futures and options, covering the US, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and China.


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