Access deep liquidity and capital efficiency in cryptocurrency trading through a regulated and transparent options market.

Key benefits

Discover the versatility and liquidity of using Bitcoin and Ether options on futures at CME Group to manage cryptocurrency risk. 

Capital and operational efficiencies

Trade Bitcoin and Ether options as well as their underlying futures to help maximize capital efficiencies through margin offsets and streamlined operations.

Extensive range of expiries and sizes

Access a variety of strikes and expiries – short-dated weekly to longer-dated monthly options. Scale exposure with standard size  and Micro contracts.

Options execution flexibility

Enjoy multiple ways to trade and manage risk in the CME Globex central limit order book or via delta-neutral and outright block trades.

CFTC-regulated marketplace

CFTC oversight helps ensure integrity in our markets, where all participants see the same contract prices and quotes on contracts settled to CME CF Reference Rates.

Market Activity

The latest across the Cryptocurrency options complex

Trade monthly and weekly option expirations, including Monday through Friday expiries across Bitcoin, Micro Bitcoin, Ether, Micro Ether contracts. Click on the product name in the table to view quotes and access other expirations.

See how traders are using options

Find out how other market participants use Cryptocurrency options on futures to manage event risk and reduce portfolio volatility. View the latest articles. 

What are your options for the upcoming bitcoin catalysts?

Get insights into 2024 catalysts like the bitcoin halving and how Bitcoin and Micro Bitcoin options can help you prepare.

Excell with Options: Is it time to be optimistic about bitcoin?

Rich Excell discusses the current state of the Bitcoin market, upcoming market catalysts and explores two overlay strategies traders may want to consider for their Bitcoin futures positions.

Cryptocurrency Tools

Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group Cryptocurrency products.

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