Manage risk further down the U.S. hog supply chain on the cutout. While CME Lean Hog products reflect prices paid for hogs in the U.S., CME Pork Cutout products reflect prices paid for U.S. wholesale pork. These contracts are conveniently cash-settled to the CME Pork Cutout Index, which tracks USDA pork price reporting.

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Hedge wholesale pork

When market conditions and seasonal trends impact the US supply chain, manage your pork price exposure.

Tap into an active market

Pork is the world’s most consumed protein. In 2021, more than 6.4 billion pounds of US pork was exported to other markets.

Source: Pork Checkoff

Add exchange-traded benefits

Trading futures on a regulated exchange gives you greater price transparency with daily trading times plus the safety and security of CME Clearing backing every transaction.

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