Market data policy education center

Get all the information you need about CME Group market data policies in a central location.

Explore CME Group’s Market Data policies, from explanations about our licensing policies to our units of count for data usage. Learn about our internal display fee waivers, as well as licensing for non-display use. Stay updated on our licensing fees and fee schedules, or view past market data fee schedules.


View all the new and updated market data policies for licensing CME Group data.

CME Term SOFR Reference Rates

Review a sample license agreement to know how fees are calculated, licensing and restrictions, and receipt and use of information.

Internal Device fee waivers

Stay compliant with our internal device data use policy by understanding which internal devices are eligible for fee waivers.

Entitlement Systems

Learn more about how our entitlement systems help manage the access, use and distribution of CME Group Information.

Non-Display Use

Learn more about our policy about using data that isn’t displayed on a device, such as processing, analysis or internal matching.

Unit of Count

Understand how we count devices, what qualifies as a device and how that’s used to measure licensing fees for our data.

Historical Licensing

Read more about what’s required of a historical data distributor including reporting requirements. Review FAQs to answer all your questions.

Use of CME Group Data in AI Solutions

Learn about staying compliant when using CME Group data in AI Solutions by maintaining effective internal controls.

Choices for accessing data

Market Data Platform

Access data directly from CME Group via our market data platform, designed for scalability. Choose your preferred market data format and connection type.

Licensed Distributor

More than 200 distributors are licensed to distribute real-time CME Group data. In addition, some distributors offer a variety of value-added services.

CME DataMine

Access historical data via our self-service platform. Available datasets range from global benchmark data to alternative data. Trial subscriptions are available.

Contact a Data expert

Connect with a member of our team to get more information about our products and services.

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