CME Group Benchmark Administration Ltd. Billing ‒ Frequently Asked Questions

With the migration to the Information License Agreement (ILA), you[BT1] [KG2]  can expect the charges on your post-migration invoices to reflect what was provided to CME Group and CME Group Benchmark Administration Limited through the online workflow in the CME Group Data Services Portal. While the invoice format will not drastically change, please note that you will have new Customer ID(s). The remittance details for payment will not change. In order to ensure a smooth transition, frequently asked questions can be found below:

What does this change mean for the invoicing process?

Your invoices will still be sent from CME Group Benchmark Administration Limited and will arrive around the fourth or fifth business day of the month.

Will I have a new Customer ID?

Yes, once you have fully migrated you will have a new Customer ID, which is located at the top right-hand side of your invoice. All payment-related invoice details will remain the same. Payment details can be found at the bottom of your invoice.

What will happen to my old billing account/Customer ID?

After you have settled all charges on your old billing account/Customer ID, the account will be closed out and no longer used.

What does this change mean for the payment process?

Bank account and payment details will remain unchanged; you will continue remitting payment to CME Group Benchmark Administration Limited.

Will my fees change?

Fees will remain the same when you transition to the new agreement (i.e., Information License Agreement and/or DataMine Agreement) for all use ‒ excluding the creation and external distribution of derived works which will be covered under a separate Derived Data License Agreement. However, fees may change if your needs change. For instance, if you require a new data product or you have additional variable use to declare, such as additional devices displaying data or additional sites using data in a non-display application, additional data fees may apply. Should your use of data include the creation and external distribution of derived data, a member from Derived Data Services will be reaching out to you to discuss a Derived Data License Agreement and additional fees may apply.

What currency will my invoice be in and what will my billing frequency be?

All invoices will be in USD. All invoices will be billed monthly. The monthly invoices will be in arrears for licenses that require reported use and monthly in advance for licenses with ad-hoc reporting requirements or flat fees. As an example, your June invoice will reflect May services for licenses that bill for inventory in arrears and June services for licenses that do not require reported inventory.

Will there be any changes to the VAT/tax currently being charged?

No, CME Group Benchmark Administration Limited remains a UK company under VAT No. GB 672 5119 35.

If I have questions regarding my contract, fees, or line items on my invoice, who should I contact?

Contact your CME Group Account Manager or

Where can I find references to my existing fees vs. my new fees?

Contact your CME Group Account Manager or to obtain a comparison of your fees.

Who should I contact regarding questions about payments, disputes, or electronic delivery of my invoice?

Contact CME Billing at

Will my payment terms change?

No, the payment terms will remain the same.

Can I enroll in auto-payments?

Yes, contact CME Accounts Receivable to enroll in auto-payments.

I need to update my billing address, how can I do this?

Please send the updated billing information and/or address to CME Group Market Data.

If I have a PO number that I would like applied to my invoice, who should I contact?

Contact your CME Group Account Manager or

I need to update my billing contact(s), how do I do this?

Send the updated billing contact information to

How can I request a copy of a current or past invoice?

Contact CME Billing for invoice copies.

How do I request a W8 form?

Please contact to obtain a W-8 form.