New Collateral Acceptance Requests

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CME Clearing is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clearing firms and end-clients in regards to collateral acceptance while accepting a diverse portfolio of assets. CME Clearing will consider the acceptance of additional collateral types, given that it is high quality and highly liquid collateral that is appropriate for the industry.

These characteristics should be considered prior to submitting a request:

  • Liquid collateral with minimal credit and market risk, must have a liquid and transparent secondary market
  • Must be supported by a legal framework that clearly establishes CME Clearing's interest in the collateral
  • If the collateral cannot be liquidated to cash within an hour, then liquidation arrangements must be in place to support the rapid deployment of collateral in the event of a Clearing Member default (i.e. commitment liquidity facility)

Acceptable collateral deposits by customers of Clearing Member Firms are subject to CME Rule 930.C*. The lists of acceptable collateral for both 4d and Cleared Swaps Customer Accounts both pertain exclusively to deposits made by clearing member firms to meet their obligations at CME Clearing.

If you would like to submit a form of collateral for consideration by CME Clearing please:

Fill out the CME Group Collateral Request Form
Then submit to for processing.

Please note that although CME will consider each request received, not every request will be deemed as appropriate collateral for acceptance at CME Clearing. Collateral requests that are deemed appropriate as acceptable collateral are subject to a credit risk review and thus may not be available for immediate deposit. Should you have questions please contact CME Clearing at or +1 312 207 2594.