Financial and Collateral

Learn about the diverse set of standard accepted collateral and the network of collateral custodians and settlement banks CME Clearing uses to manage deposits and settlements.

Meet collateral requirements with a broad set of eligible assets, while reducing concentration risk. Find efficient, cost-effective solutions for a variety of needs.

Always know your collateral status with the ability to query and view an up-to-date report of all collateral transactions and types on record.

CME Clearing has robust controls in place for every step of the collateral process to promote financial system stability.

Standard Acceptable Collateral and Resources

Explore the approved collateral types and list of collateral custodians and settlement banks that are part of the network. The collateral acceptability standards disclosed on this website specify the collateral acceptable to CME Clearing from its clearing members. Acceptable performance bond deposits by account holders are subject to CME Rule 930.C. Account holders should confer with clearing members regarding collateral acceptance criteria.

Collateral requirements and networks

Collateral Types

Acceptable collateral

Explore acceptable collateral types. Please view hard dollar limits for additional information.

Collateral Limits

Hard dollar limits

CME Clearing imposes hard dollar limits on each asset type accepted as collateral.

Collateral Network

Collateral custodians and settlement banks

CME Clearing maintains a network of approved collateral custodians and settlement banks to manage collateral.


CME Clearing serves as the neutral counterparty to every futures, option, and OTC trade, ensuring market integrity and reducing risk. Learn about the integral role we play in the global marketplace.

Margin Services

Get insight on the institution-grade tools we use to reduce bilateral counterparty credit risk and free up trading capital, optimizing margin efficiency.

Risk Management

We offer a comprehensive set of sophisticated tools and safeguards to protect customers and clearing firms and maintain market integrity.

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