BrokerTec Stream

BrokerTec Stream is a robust relationship-based streaming platform for US Treasury markets, backed by BrokerTec’s leading expertise and infrastructure.

Leading and fully-regulated

Access all the benefits of relationship-based trading via BrokerTec’s trusted and fully-regulated markets

Efficiencies between CLOB and Streaming

Connect via BrokerTec’s existing infrastructure, unlocking potential position netting and shared minimums across CLOB and Streaming transactions

Cost-effective execution

Smaller tick increments and preferred pricing from known counterparties ensures the most cost-effective execution

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BrokerTec CLOB

Vital to the fixed income markets for over 20 years, BrokerTec central limit order book (CLOB) is the industry-leading, dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform supporting US Treasuries, US and EU repo markets and European government bond cash markets.

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BrokerTec Quote

BrokerTec Quote is a dealer-to-client request for quote (RFQ) trading solution for the European and US Repo markets. BrokerTec Quote provides market participants trading Euro Sovereign Debt, UK Gilt Repo, and US Treasury Repo with a new, enhanced RFQ capability, providing a more intuitive and efficient means of trading.

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Vendor partners

Work with third-party vendors for connectivity and workflow solutions.

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BrokerTec regulatory documents

Access the rulebook and regulatory documentation you need to stay compliant throughout the trading lifecycle.

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BrokerTec Americas LLC (“BAL”) is a registered broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (, and is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ( BAL does not provide services to private or retail customers.