BrokerTec has partnered with the repo community for more than 20 years to drive innovation and build the gold standard for repo execution, both via the CLOB and bilateral RFQ trading.

The go-to market

Trade using the gold standard for repo execution, first in dealer-to-dealer anonymous matching via the CLOB, and now in dealer-to-client bilateral RFQ trading via BrokerTec Quote.

Anonymous and secure

Over 99% of BrokerTec repo transactions are centrally cleared, enabling reduced credit risk, netting efficiencies, and fully anonymous trading.

Smart connection

Pre- and post-trade connectivity via FIX API and a fully automated GC allocation process deliver improved trading efficiency and use of collateral.

BrokerTec Repo markets

U.S. Repo

BrokerTec is a leading D2D platform for trading U.S. repo markets, offering a centralized pool of liquidity for U.S. government and agency repos.



GF fixed rate mortgages
GCF Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac adjustable-rate mortgages

European Repo

BrokerTec is an electronic platform for trading repo in Europe, offering liquidity in a full range of products, including all Eurozone Government Debt, UK Gilts, and more.

Sterling DBV (delivery-by-value)
Specifics covered bonds

Agency debt
Fixed and floating repo

Classic repo

Our dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform supporting U.S. Treasuries, U.S. and EU repo markets, and European government bond cash markets.

A robust, relationship-based streaming platform for U.S. Treasury markets, backed by BrokerTec’s expertise, infrastructure, and network of dealers.

Now available

RepoFunds Rate Benchmarks

CME Group's suite of RFR indices measure the benchmark repo rates for the Euro, Sterling and JBOND markets. Trades are centrally cleared and electronically executed.

Contact an expert or request a demo

For more information or assistance, request a call back from the BrokerTec support team near you or contact the team via email. You can also request a free demo of BrokerTec’s trading solutions.


Whether you’re looking for anonymous matching, RFQ trading, or relationship-based streaming, BrokerTec offers a solution designed for you.

Data and analytics

Harness the insights of BrokerTec’s fixed income market data, available through multiple connection types and a variety of trading terminals.


Take advantage of your choice of connections to access our BrokerTec markets, by API, GUI, or a custom solution.

Regulatory documents

Download region-specific regulatory docs to navigate the trading lifecycle, from pre- to post-trade, and content to support BrokerTec trading activity.

Connect with new perspectives on the bond markets

Contact an expert or request a demo

For more information or assistance, connect with the BrokerTec support team near you by filling out the form. You can also request a free demo of BrokerTec’s trading solutions.

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