Single-Asset Class Tools

Dig into opportunities on specific CME Group markets you want to trade: run total cost analysis on futures vs. popular trading alternatives, view bitcoin pricing histories and more.

Cross-Currency Basis Watch

Use the Cross-Currency Basis Watch to determine the magnitude of EUR/USD cross-currency basis for short-dated periods and forward-starting IMM periods.

CME SOFRWatch Tool

Explore the CME SOFRWatch Tool to learn how it can help you visualize the potential impacts of FOMC decisions on SOFR expectations.

FX Options Vol Converter Tool

Converts listed CME FX options premiums, fixed strike data, rules, and formats into an OTC-equivalent volatility surface, in OTC standard tenors, deltas, and quote conventions – creating comparable pricing across major options pairs.

FX Swap Rate Monitor Tool

The FX Swap Rate Monitor calculates the implied interest rate differential for eight currency pairs using tradable pricing data from CME FX futures and the FX Link central limit order book.

Dividend Futures Term Structure Tool

Explore the market's view of S&P 500 expected dividends on a quarterly and annual basis. Then analyze changes in dividend term structure across multiple points in time.

TreasuryWatch Tool

Gain an in-depth view into world's most secure and liquid government debt market. View futures vs. cash yields, track Treasury auctions and coupon issuance by tenor, chart the Fed's balance sheet composition.

Short-Term Interest Rate Analytics Tool

View historical fixings for EFFR and SOFR, and analyze basis spreads between Eurodollars, Fed Funds, and SOFR futures.

Treasury Analytics Tool

Analyze deliverable baskets, implied yields for CTD, strike as yield, and Treasury futures yield curve/history.

Total Cost Analysis Tool: Interest Rate Futures vs. OTC

Analyze the all-in costs of managing interest rate exposure using listed futures versus over-the-counter (OTC) instruments like swaps.

Bitcoin Historical Pricing Tool

Backtest your bitcoin trading strategies using bitcoin historical prices as tracked by the CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index (BRTI) and CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) indicators.

Total Cost Analysis Tool: Equity Index Futures vs. ETFs

Analyze the all-in costs of replicating S&P 500 exposure using equity index futures versus exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to see the more cost-efficient choice.

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