CME Direct Registration

Find easy step-by-step registration instructions for new and additional users. 


CME Direct has two registration paths, depending on your needs:

  • Firms that are not currently registered for CME Direct can follow the New Firm & User Registration instructions.
  • To register new users at a previously registered CME Direct firm, follow the Additional User Registration instructions.

New Firms

If your firm is not currently registered for CME Direct, follow the “New Firm” process to ensure that your firm is correctly licensed and set up.

Additional Users

If your firm is already registered for CME Direct and you need to add additional users, follow the "Additional Users" registration instructions.

Please follow these steps to successfully register your firm and authorized users:

  1. Establish two primary firm contacts.
    Establish at least two verification officers to serve as your primary firm contacts, with authority to request additional users, request the deletion of a user and/or assign user permissions on the platform.
  2. Create CME Group profile.
    All verification officers and users must create a CME Group Login (a user profile that authenticates access to CME Group applications).
  1. Complete User License Agreement.
    The verification officer must review and agree to the terms and conditions of the Exchange User License Agreement (EULA) and complete the New Firm Registration Form. Firm and user information is required on the form, which is accessible upon acceptance of the EULA terms and conditions.
  1. Complete CME Group ILA.
    Complete CME Group’s Information License Agreement (ILA) to establish proper licensure to consume exchange market data.

The verification officer established on the registration form will receive a DocuSign agreement via email within 48 hours of completing the New Firm Registration Form and EULA.

  1. Enable market data.
    Upon completion of the ILA, a representative of our Enterprise Application & System Entitlements (EASE) team will contact the verification officer to provide assistance assigning market data permissions to all registered users.
  2. Complete account setups.
    Contact your clearing members to have an account created and limits set for CME Direct trading (required for trade execution only)

The firm’s established verification officer (the primary firm contact) must follow these steps:

  1. Ensure all additional users register for a CME Group Login.
  1. Complete the Additional User Registration Form for CME Direct.
  1. Enable user access to markets.

Manage positions at your desk or on the go

Trade from anywhere, anytime using CME Direct Mobile, a full-featured trading system that connects CME Direct and your mobile device.

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Contact a CME Direct expert

Connect with a member of our Platform Solutions team for more information.

Customer support

Connect with the right team contact worldwide in the Global Command Center, offering around the clock coverage.

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