Log into CME Direct with your CME Group Login ID and Password: https://cmedirect.cmegroup.com.

CME Direct leverages SMS authentication. Make sure to have your cell phone on file with CME Group handy when logging into CME Direct so you can receive your authentication code.

If you have more than one profile in CME Direct, you will be prompted to select with which user you want to log into CME Direct.

The User Admin tab is where you may manage the users at your company.

If you do not see the User Admin tab upon login, you may launch it from the Menu, New View.

Then select User Admin.

In the User Admin tab, select the user you wish to manage. Right click and select ‘Manage user login…’

Select the ‘Market Permissions’ tab to view what market data this user currently has.

Use any of the filter fields to change your view of market permissions.

Only Exchange products will be billable, and you do not need to adjust OTC Venue permissions for billing. Permissions reference tradability. Interactive market permissions allow users to trade these products if approved by your clearing members. Read Only market permissions allow users to view these products without being able to generate an order ticket. Exchange will be billable regardless of whether the permissions are Interactive or Read Only.

Market permissions may be granted or removed individually by checking or unchecking the granted box. Market permissions may be bulk granted or removed by right clicking in the market permissions screen. Select ‘Clear All’ to remove all existing market permissions. Select ‘Grant All’ to grant all available market permissions.

When bulk managing market permissions, ‘Clear All’ and ‘Grant All’ manage all markets available based on any filters you have set.

Example: If you grant all markets while filtering by the Product Category: Agricultural, you are granting all agricultural markets only.

Select OK to save all changes to market permissions

You may also disable a user login, which prevents the user from logging into CME Direct and removes any billing obligation. In the User Admin tab, select the user whose login you wish to disable. Right click and select ‘Disable user login…’ You will be prompted to confirm your action.

When you disable a user login, the user profile remains intact and is still visible in the system. You may enable the user login again at any time. If you wish to remove a user’s access completely, please email EASE with the details of your request.

The Clearing Account Manager feature allows Administrators to assign clearing accounts to users within their company.

Each assigned account is available to the user for making transactions within the CME Direct Trading Client.

To maintain clearing accounts:

  1. From the User Administration window, right-click a user row, and select Maintain Clearing Accounts.
  2. Optional: Use Assigned to field to select a different user to whom to assign accounts.
  3. Optional: Filter the available Account list using the following fields:
  • Account Owner - Lists the trading companies available to the user.
  • Clearing Firm - Lists the clearing members that can clear the user's trades.
  • Filter - Type any applicable identifier.
  1. Optional: Use the Only show Globex enabled field to filter the Account list to only those accounts permissioned for Globex trading on CME Direct.
  2. To permission a Company Clearing Account to a user, use the transfer buttons to move the account from the available account pane to the assigned account pane.

Assigned accounts appear in the Trading Client and are used when clearing trades.

All examples in this report are hypothetical interpretations of situations and are used for explanation purposes only. The views in this report reflect solely those of the author and not necessarily those of CME Group or its affiliated institutions. This report and the information herein should not be considered investment advice or the results of actual market experience.

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