Discover a more efficient solution for hedging Iron Ore price exposure against marginal cost of production swings and supply-side price squeezes. Experience up to 45% margin offsets versus other cleared, correlated contracts and only post margin on the residual risk as the contract month progresses.

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Features and benefits

Margin offsets

Enjoy up to 45% margin offsets versus other cleared correlated contracts.

Greater capital efficiency

Experience capital-efficient margin erosion: You only post margin on the residual risk as the contract month progresses (margin is released LTD+1). 

Price transparency

Access price data from other sources deemed reliable and accurate, rather than leaving price discovery to a potentially smaller group.

Risk management

Central counterparty clearing ensures the financial security of the marketplace and helps participants limit credit risk and greater efficiency.

Trade flow visibility

Market participants have unprecedented visibility of the trade flow while maintaining anonymity of all participating parties.

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Iron Ore China Portside Futures

Hedge price risk of landed iron ore cargo in China with two futures contracts that complement our existing seaborne Iron Ore lineup to help you better manage ferrous supply chain risk.

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