Gold and Silver Market Profile – powered by Quant Analytics

Compare CME precious metals and OTC Spot equivalents on one screen

For the first time, we have brought CME Group’s distinct trading modalities of listed and spot gold and silver, together in one new tool, so that precious metals traders around the world can compare and analyze the complementary liquidity available in these markets.

What it calculates: The Gold and Silver Market Profile provides an hour by hour view of the trading day that compares the bid-ask spread of CME listed Gold and Silver futures and spot Gold and Silver on EBS markets at top-of-book, whilst also calculating a volume weighted average price to enable a more equivalent direct comparison. This data is available via intuitive charts and statistical plots, all built on our industry leading Quant Analytics platform.

What it creates: The Gold and Silver Market Profile tool offers unprecedented transparency, enabling traders to compare and contrast our Gold and Silver products side-by-side in order to determine the optimal trading modality and time of day to transact in either market, calculate execution efficiencies, determine slippage costs, and minimize the market impact of trades.

Gain transparency, improve decision making:

  • Compare Pricing and liquidity over time and across futures vs. cash
    Powered by CME FX, EBS Market, and EBS Direct
  • See where the tightest top of book prices are across time zones
  • Understand the volumes driving the pricing
  • Recognize the complementary value of spot and futures

Experience the next release of our Market Profile tools

The dashboards let you compare our futures and cash market liquidity side-by-side so that you can choose the optimal trade in the marketplace of your choice.

Features in the new release:

  • More intuitive experience
  • Full screen display
  • Greater security
  • Ability to toggle between FX, Rates, and Metals dashboards

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