Our E-mini Nasdaq-100 products give you one of the most cost-effective ways to gain market exposure to the Nasdaq-100 Index, a broad-based, modified capitalization-weighted index that tracks 100 large-cap companies that span major industry groups. Enjoy the liquidity and flexibility to react to global events as they unfold around the clock.

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Features and benefits

Leading liquidity

Deep liquidity & tight bid-ask spreads can reduce your costs.

Manage exposure

These contracts are part of a marketplace where you can manage global equity exposure.


Flexible execution gives you multiple ways to find liquidity.

Margin savings

Save on margin offsets with other equity index futures.

Safety and security

Central clearing helps mitigate your counterparty risk.

Futures leverage

Use leverage to trade a large contract value with a small amount.

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Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (VOLQ) futures

Effectively hedge volatility on the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index and see how VOLQ futures can be incorporated into your trading strategy.

Compare E-mini Nasdaq-100 with other trading methods

NQ futures give you an easier faster, more flexible way to harness Nasdaq-100 performance.

  • Trade and track one NQ futures contract versus 100 stocks to achieve nearly identical exposure
  • Easily sell short with NQ futures — no uptick rule or special requirements
  • Nearly 24-hour access means your hands aren’t tied when off-hour news and overseas events occur
  • Spread trading versus another sector takes less time, less capital and is more efficient
  • Significantly more buying power with your capital than cash securities – futures require a relatively small payment to control a large contract value

E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures can serve as a cost-efficient proxy for trading Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (Google), collectively known as the FANG stocks, individually.

  • NQ offers $63B average daily volume compared to $5B for Facebook, $7B for Amazon and $3B Netflix
  • 60/40 tax treatment on short-term trading gains available for futures, but not stocks
  • FANG stocks require approximately 12 times the capital needed to hold the same notional value as futures

In nearly every trading scenario, NQ futures offer a more cost-efficient way to manage Nasdaq-100 exposure compared to ETFs.

  • Pay no management fee when you trade NQ futures versus Nasdaq-100 ETFs.
  • Fully-funded institutional investors can save 14bps per annum with NQ versus QQQ ETF*
  • Nearly 24-hour access - no waiting for the ETF market open when market events (Brexit, U.S. elections) happen post-close
  • NQ futures offer 6.5x the daily liquidity compared to the value of all Nasdaq-100 ETFs combined, including QQQ
  • Diversify your risk versus other holdings in your portfolio

*All scenarios are hypothetical and should be treated as such. Data is as of December 31, 2017, and calculations are based on the framework found at cmegroup.com/thebigpicture.

Key economic reports and factors that move markets

This monthly report shows changes in U.S. jobs, drives Fed policy and indicates economic growth.

These updates list changes in earnings of publically traded companies, which can move the market.

The Consumer Price Index measures inflation or cost-of-living changes through average price of a basket of goods and services.

These operations indicate the buying and selling of securities by U.S. central banks as a tool of monetary policy.

These reports present the U.S. unemployment rate as a percentage. They drive Fed policy and indicate economy’s strength.

The Federal Open Market Committee determines U.S. monetary policy and whether to move the key interest rate. It also drives stock market movements.

These reports track change in monthly raw volume of industrial goods produced.

These reports track changes in oil and natural gas supplies. They also impact energy prices paid by consumers.

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