Equity Index Options Expiration Calendar

View or download over a year’s worth of listing and expiration dates across CME Group’s benchmark options, including yet to be listed weekly expiries (highlighted in yellow).

  • Integrated U.S. economic event information notifies of potential high (red boxes) or medium (orange boxes) impact events for a given day, while clicking said boxes will pop-up a full list of the day’s events.
  • Click on the product symbol of any currently listed option expiry to gain information on pricing, open interest, settlements and volatility. Click on the futures symbol for a price and volume chart. Click on the product name to open a window with the contract specs.
  • View calendar month by “expiration date month” (default) or by “contract month.”

An American-style option can be exercised by the buyer on any business day that the option may be traded. Contrary instructions are allowed.

A European-style option may only be exercised at its expiration. Contrary instructions are prohibited: all ITM options will be automatically exercised into the underlying futures and all OTM options will abandoned.