Data and Analytics

An ever-expanding source of robust datasets and analytics help you see the markets with clarity, to capture opportunities, mitigate risk, enhance modeling and improve execution.

Trading insights

Quant Analytics

Using real-time, historical, and end-of-day data, you’ll get a clear picture of FX trading and greater insight into your trading performance so you can improve results with every trade.


Improve performance

Improve your performance by seeing how you’re doing from a new perspective while breaking ahead of your peers and gathering knowledge for future trades.

Find opportunities

Better understand market activity and your position within it, so you can act on trade opportunities as you see them.

Add greater insight

As an EBS Direct customer, gain insights into your spreads to create long-term and sustainable bilateral trading relationships.

FX Market Profile

FX Market Profile brings together CME Group listed and EBS spot FX markets, enabling you to compare, analyze, and act on complementary liquidity.

Trade Activity Dashboard

Monitor all trading activity across EBS Market and EBS Direct and follow the highs and lows of currencies all day long – down to the minute.

Metals Market Profile

Compare listed metals with EBS metals in one comprehensive view on a single screen.


EBS Live Ultra

Become a customer of EBS Market and gain access to the most valuable spot activity in the market to enhance your price discovery and edge in the most actively traded pairs.

Ultra-low latency

Access real-time prices with a five-millisecond delay for absolute granularity, improved price discovery, and transparency.

Greater insight

Enhance your insight into market depth and liquidity for a true view of the global market.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk exposure with more granular transaction cost analysis.  


EBS Ticker

Available for trading and non-trading participants, EBS Ticker is distributed from EBS Market via third-party distributors, such as Bloomberg and Reuters, enabling real-time analysis for front and back office.

Comprehensive data source

Access the most accurate and comprehensive source of spot FX data with data analytics and graphics to illustrate market prices.

Transparent market data

Improve transparency in the new regulatory environment with middle and back office trade verification and reference data.

Granular market data

Create and store historical databases to keep track of all the information you need in a single place.


Use DataMine, our definitive historical market data engine, to accurately analyze previous market activity and better inform your future trades. Tap into almost 30 years of activity in the FX spot and FX futures and options markets.

Market analysis

Create, back-test, and improve API-based model trading programs for market analysis and price verification.

Granular market data

Access various degrees of granularity and detail across a range of currency pairs to meet your needs.

Seamless connections for every trading style

Access all of our FX market data

Analyze trends and identify opportunities using leading FX futures, options, and cash market data to support more informed trading decisions.


Trade spot, NDFs and metals. Expand your reach across FX and beyond, and trade with the speed and reliability you’ve come to expect from EBS.


Connect to fast, reliable markets with a customizable interface (API or manual solutions) designed to improve efficiency and risk management.

Vendor partners

Explore our leading third-party vendors that offer connectivity and workflow solutions and choose the one right for you.

Connect with the wider world of FX

Contact an EBS expert

We’re here to help you. For more information or assistance, contact the EBS support team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


EBS Market has now migrated to CME Globex. For any connectivity questions, please contact our Global Command Center.


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