EBS Regulatory Documents

Download all of the regulatory content you need to navigate through the trading lifecycle, from pre- to post-trade. Access code of conduct documentation, pricing and fee schedules, and rulebooks to support your trading activity on EBS platforms. 

Documentation for all EBS platforms

The following documents are relevant to all (or several) EBS platforms:

The following documents apply to the EBS MTF and NEX SEF:

EBS Dealing Service documentation

EBS Service Company Limited offers the EBS Dealing Service for the products listed in the Legal and Regulatory Structure Schedule, in accordance with the following EBS Dealing Rules and supporting documents:


Certain products on EBS platforms (as set out in the Legal and Regulatory Structure Schedule above) are made available for trading on the EBS Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”), as defined under MiFID, which is operated by CME Amsterdam B.V. These rulebooks and other documentation apply to the EBS MTF:


On-MTF FX NDFs are made available for trading on the EBS UK MTF, which is operated by BrokerTec Europe Limited. These rulebooks and other documentation apply to the EBS UK MTF:


These documents are relevant to NDFs traded on EBS Market, available on the Swap Execution Facility (as defined in the US Commodity Exchange Act), operated by NEX SEF Limited:

Rulebook, Policy, and Procedures

Customer Contracts

Market Regulation Notices (MRANs)


Part 16 Reports

*Part 16 reports will be available starting end of day Monday, May 16, 2022.

NEX SEF Regulatory Filings

Notice of Disciplinary Action

MiFID II market data

LP Disclosure

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