The new Lumber futures and options contract reflects changing production patterns, which makes it a more effective risk management tool for market participants. Lumber futures are physically delivered to the Chicago Switching District, allowing for a broader market participation from both western and eastern producing mills. Additionally, Lumber futures are sized at a single truckload to enable more tailored risk management strategies.

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Features and benefits

Precise hedging

Manage risk to Chicago-delivered lumber with a contract built to reflect prices at this key location, one truck load at a time. 

Market integrity

By acting as the counterparty to every trade, CME Clearing substantially mitigates the risk of default and protects the integrity of the market.

Flexible execution

Trade contracts electronically on the CME Globex platform or negotiate and execute block trades through CME ClearPort.

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Watch the recordings of our five-part webinar series explaining the fundamental aspects of Lumber futures and options contracts from CME Group.

Directory of Brokers, EFP Partners, and Liquidity Providers

View a list of brokers, EFP partners, and liquidity providers you can work with to trade Lumber futures and options.

RCM Alternatives Brian Leonard +1 888 800 3543



PI Financial Jamie Greenough +1 604 443 5474



StoneX Financial Inc. Alex Mead +1 816 410 5769





Robin Cross +1 312 454 3062



TJ&R Trading Bill Knochel +1 470 351 7317





Westline Capital Strategies Greg Kuta +1 216 932 7228





EFP Partners

Allied Building Stores - Co-Op Greg Hanes (318) 699-9133      


Atlantic Forest Products - Wholesale Distributor Bart Charles +1 503 868 5729 or +1 503 341 0135      


Canadian Wood Products - Wholesale Distributor Chris Labbe +1 514 871 2040      


Deacon Lumber Company - Wholesale Stinson Dean +1 816 974 3343      


Do-It Best Corp. - Co-Op Jim Knepper +1 260 748 5418      


Forest City Trading Group - Forest Products Trading Craig Hamanishi +1 204 880 7651      


LBM Advantage - Co-Op Kirk Miller +1 845 220 3488      


LMC - Buying Group John Brady +1 610 293 7051      


Magnum Forest Products, Ltd. - Wholesale Distribution Dave McWilliams +1 204 992 3561      


Resolute Forest Products - Producer Philippe Clune +1 514 394 2309      


Sherwood Lumber Corp. - Wholesale Distributor   +1 800 645 6226      


Stika USA - Distribution/Risk Management Ashley Boeckholt +1 312 560 7984      


Tolko Industries - Producer Alex Langley +1 250 306 0976      


Weekes Forest Products - Wholesale Distribution Brian Dooley +1 651 393 2731      


Liquidity Providers
CSC Arbitrage Group Sam Johnson +1 763 347 4646




Maize Capital Michael Sklut +1 248 756 3150






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