Derived Data Services (DDS)

Use CME Group cash, futures, and options market data to design, develop, and innovate new products and services or enhance existing solutions that can transform your business and diversify how you service your clients’ needs.

CME Group’s flexible and simple licensing approach allows firms to license the widest global range of cash, futures, and options market data, across all major asset classes, to deliver customized solutions to their clients through all manner of derived works. CME DDS over the past two decades has assisted clients in licensing CME Group market data in the the creation of the below derived works. This list is non-exhaustive, so please consult the DDS specialists to discuss the specifics of your usage.

  • Certificates and warrants
  • Curves and surfaces
  • Contracts for difference (CFDs)
  • Exchange-traded products (ETFs, ETNs, ETCs, etc.)
  • Indexes
  • Insurance products
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) products
  • Pre- and post-trade services
  • Reference values
  • Risk management services

Key Benefits


Gain access to the full value of our leading global benchmarks used to create products and solutions around the world.


Generate new and innovative solutions and stay ahead of your competition by servicing the needs of your clients.

Grow your client base by providing additional value added services and access new client segments.

Our Derived Data Services team is on hand to assist you throughout the product creation journey and to aid your understanding of CME Group’s derived data policies and licensing requirements.

Our policies are designed to facilitate an increasing multitude of use cases, delivering streamlined licensing to meet your specific requirements. We understand the sensitivities to cost and need for tailored solutions, so our simplified licensing approach means you need only license the specific data you require.

CME Group prides itself on our transparent and client-centric approach, aimed at helping you concentrate on building your business, deliver innovative solutions and drive new opportunities, all with the confidence that you are compliant with CME Group derived data policies.

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