Sustainability in our Workforce

Sustainability in our Workforce

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At CME Group, we are committed to creating and maintaining a healthy, diverse workforce, and offering numerous benefits and programs to support employees with opportunities to be successful in their careers.

Employee Development

Education Assistance

To support our employees’ educational efforts and their personal and professional growth, CME Group provides financial assistance through our Education Assistance Program, which reimburses a portion of tuition costs.

Last year, CME Group paid more than $1 million in tuition reimbursement to 120 CME Group employees, the majority of whom were pursuing post-graduate degrees.


In 2018, CME Group distributed $822,000 in Excellence Awards, a bonus program that rewards, recognizes, and reinforces outstanding employee contributions.

We also awarded $212,000 to employees who have received a U.S. patent through the CME Group Employee Innovation Program, which encourages an inventive work culture that embraces new ideas. 

Talent Exchange

CME Group works to enhance employees’ knowledge, skills, and capabilities through the Talent Exchange program. We connect project sponsors with employees who have an interest in broadening their skills through short-term, project-based assignments across other areas of CME Group’s business. 

Employee Network Groups

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is important to the wellbeing of our diverse, talented workforce. To support our employee’s health, we offer a wellness program that allows employees the chance to earn discounted medical premium rates by achieving a designated number of wellness points each year.

CME Group also encourages our employees to live a healthy lifestyle by offering:

  • Health centers staffed by registered nurses in Chicago and at NYMEX
  • Frequent onsite educational sessions in Chicago which are video-taped and available through MyPath for all employees
  • Discounted rates or partial reimbursement for fitness center memberships for our employees

Work/Life Balance

At CME Group, we understand that employees have responsibilities outside of the office, so we are committed to helping them maintain a proper balance between their professional and personal lives. Flexible work arrangements, including working remotely, and a paid-time-off model which allows employees to use their time however they wish, give employees the ability to effectively perform their jobs and manage their time outside of the office in a way that meets their personal needs.

CME Group Recognized Excellence

Over the years, CME Group has recieved a number of workplace and company awards. CME Group has been recognized for our exceptional work environment and as a leading innovator in the derivatives and technological fields. 

CME Group Corporate Governance

Compliance and Ethics

At CME Group, we are committed to doing business lawfully and ethically wherever we operate in the world. We provide numerous resources for employees and other stakeholders to raise concerns or report potential violations of our compliance policies.

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Company Values

We are committed to maintaining a corporate culture where our employees are empowered to live up to our business principles.  We define how we do business through leading with conviction and integrity, advancing the global economy, building lasting relationships and acting with ingenuity every day.

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