ESG at CME Group

At CME Group, we operate in an ever-evolving business environment and are committed to better understanding and meeting our stakeholders’ diverse needs. To do so, we developed a strategic framework that includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and reporting.

Workforce Empowerment

We invest in our team members through training, continuous development, and fostering a culture of inclusion and innovation.


As investors seek products and services to help manage risk that incorporates sustainability and environmental considerations, we continue to innovate to meet the needs and goals of our global client base.

Community Commitment

We are deeply connected to, engaged with and invested in our communities through the CME Group Foundation, CME Group Corporate Giving Program and ongoing markets education offerings.

Corporate Stewardship

Everything we do is based in strong governance practices and our culture of compliance, ethics, and accountability.


At CME Group, we strive for excellence in all we do, and our efforts to improve never end. The same goes for how we implement our ESG strategy. 

As a global corporate citizen, we have responsibilities to our stakeholders. We aspire to transform the industry while always adhering to our values. Ultimately, it’s about earning and strengthening our stakeholders’ trust and making a positive difference.

We hope you will read our annual ESG Report to learn more about our priorities, performance and focus for the future. Within the report you will also find disclosures in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Historical ESG reports and supplementary materials

Latest news

Explore Sustainable Solutions at CME Group

As the global marketplace evolves, we are in constant conversation with market participants to ensure we make the necessary enhancements to our current contracts or develop new trading products that best meet their changing needs and sustainability goals.

CME Group Foundation Scholar Program

CME Group Foundation awards higher education scholarships to students from low-income and historically underrepresented communities who are pursuing four-year degrees in finance, information technology, computer science or applied mathematics at 11 partner colleges and universities in Illinois.

In 2023, our employees continued our longstanding tradition of volunteering in-person at company sponsored events. Some examples of our global colleagues engaging with their local communities include:

  • Chicago: Hosted a holiday party and gift drive for the Pre-K and kindergarten classes from Washington Irving Elementary.
  • London: Organized a canal clean-up event through our SEED ERG and London Community Relations Committee in partnership with Lower Regents Coalition, an organization that aims to preserve London’s waterways.
  • Singapore: Volunteered with Walk for our Children, a 2km walk event to raise funds for Children’s Society, an organization focused on protecting and nurturing children and youth in need, providing a wide spectrum of offerings from family services to research and advocacy.

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