Clearing Systems and Operations

Clearing Operations and Deliveries

The Clearing Systems and Operations section presents all of the information market participants need to understand the clearing process and how CME Clearing manages each trade. 

Clearing Systems

Try CME ClearView, our new application.

CME ClearView provides better insight into the delivery status of intraday and end-of-day files produced by CME Group. 

See a list of SPAN, trade registers, and margin reports including: 

  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Whether the file is delayed
  • When the file was published

Clearing Calculations

    • TAS, TAM and BTIC Trades
    • TAS, TAM and BTIC Trades Read a summary of the special processing behavior in CME Clearing’s trade messaging for TAS, Trade at Marker (TAM), and BTIC transactions.

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