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Acceptable Collateral for Gold

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CME Clearing accepts COMEX gold warrants & London gold bullion as collateral. See below for more information.


  • Acceptable for Base and IRS
  • Capped at $750 million USDE across the clearing member and affiliates
  • Limit inclusive of COMEX gold warrants & London gold bullion
  • London gold bullion is limited to a clearing member's Non-Segregated (House) requirement
  • COMEX gold warrants are accepted for USD-denominated performance bond requirements
  • CME does not accept Elemetal (ELEM) and Al Ethiad (ALET) COMEX brands as performance bond

Haircut Schedule

  • 15% haircut applied to the market value

Collateral Custodians

  • List of collateral custodians can be found here

Additional Resources

Material related to the acceptance of COMEX gold warrants:

  • Information sheet can be found here
  • Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

Pursuant to CME Rule 817, COMEX gold warrants may become subject to a lien in favor of the Exchange’s liquidity lenders. Consistent with this rule, and in order for a clearing member to be eligible to participate in the COMEX gold warrants collateral program, a UCC-1 financing statement is filed against the clearing member’s collateral on deposit. Please contact for questions or more information.   

All assets that are utilized to meet PB requirements in different currencies will be subject to an additional cross-currency haircut. For applicable haircuts, please see the Cross-Currency Haircut Percentages file found under Forms and Instructions.

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