Clearing Risk Management

CME Clearing serves as the counterparty to every cleared transaction, becoming the buyer to each seller and the seller to each buyer, and limiting credit risk by guaranteeing financial performance of both parties.

CME Clearing’s integrated clearing function is designed to ensure the safety and soundness of our markets and serve the risk management needs of our customers. Through our operational standards and financial safeguards, CME Clearing provides an effective set of risk management tools and capabilities to benefit market participants. 

Mitigate Your Risk

Counterparty credit risk is shared among clearing members

Enhance Your Efficiency

Real-time trade confirmations and straight-through processing once a contract is cleared 

Know Your Costs

Offset margin costs by reducing expenses 

Learn about Risk Management

CME CORE: Clearing Online Risk Engine

Try our interactive margin calculator and evaluate initial margin requirements for all CME Group products.

With CME CORE users can:

  • Execute “what-if” margin analysis on hypothetical portfolios
  • Margin all CME Group futures and options as well as Interest Rate and Credit Default swaps
  • Execute OTC efficiency analysis through additional analytics

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