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CME Clearing manages billions of dollars each day in the process of balancing accounts and maintaining performance bonds/margins.

CME Clearing imposes hard dollar limits on each asset type other than cash and U.S. Treasuries. Learn more.

Summary of Collateral

To meet the needs of our clearing firms and end-clients, we accept a diverse portfolio of assets as collateral for deposit into trading accounts. Accepted collateral includes U.S. dollars, select foreign currencies, U.S. Treasuries, select foreign sovereign debt, asset-backed securities, and agency bonds.

Acceptable performance bond deposits by customers of Clearing Member Firms are subject to CME Rule 930.C. The lists of acceptable collateral for both 4d and Cleared Swaps Customer Accounts both pertain exclusively to deposits made by Clearing Member Firms to meet their obligations at CME Clearing. The collateral acceptability standards disclosed on this website are established for CME and clearing members. Account holders with clearing members should confer with clearing member regarding collateral acceptance criteria.

Standard Acceptable Collateral


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