Company Values

At CME Group, we are guided by a set of values that define how we do business, serve our clients, and conduct ourselves every day.

We lead with conviction and integrity.

  • We choose lasting value over short-term gain, positioning ourselves as an industry leader today and for the future.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do, strengthening the success of our company, our industry, and our team.
  • We empower our people and deliver on our commitments to our customers and to each other.

We advance the global economy.

  • We foster free markets that help economies grow and prosper.
  • We help our clients manage risk so they have the confidence to build their businesses.
  • We provide risk management products that help global businesses advance – to expand to new markets and build for the future.
  • We advocate for our industry and market participants, strengthening the key role we play in global finance.

We embrace the exchange of ideas.

  • We incorporate diverse perspectives into our work, uncovering new insights and opportunities to continue providing our clients with innovative products and solutions, strengthen our business, and best serve our communities and each other.
  • We foster an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, respected, heard, understood and supported.

We build lasting relationships.

  • We see the world from our customers’ perspective, offering the products, services, and technology they need to achieve the results they want.
  • We stay connected to our partners, earning their trust by creating opportunities that help both of us grow our businesses.

We act with ingenuity every day.

  • We champion innovation and push ourselves to take calculated risks every day.
  • We ask the hard questions needed to generate big ideas and incremental improvements for our business and our clients.
  • We anticipate our customers’ needs and move quickly to deliver solutions.